Partners' Meeting Publications (Archive)


Note: West Coast Collaborative no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Clean Diesel Program

Title Pages Publication Number Date
EPA Clean Diesel Grant and Rebate Funding Opportunities N/A N/A Web Site
Verified Technologies List for Clean Diesel N/A N/A Web Site
Third Report to Congress: Highlights of the Diesel Emission Reduction Program 40 EPA-420-R-16-004 Februrary 2016
Second Report to Congress: Highlights of the Diesel Emission Reduction Program 68 EPA-420-R-12-031 December 2012
Report to Congress: Highlights of the Diesel Emission Reduction Program 60 EPA-420-R-09-006 August 2009

School Bus

Title Pages Publication Number Date
Tomorrow’s Buses for Today’s Children 4 EPA-420-F-10-019 August 2010
The Magic School Bus Gets Cleaned Up 28 EPA-420-K-07-001  January 2007
El autobús mágico necesita una limpieza 28 EPA-420-K-07-001  January 2007
25 Million Reasons Why It's Important to Reduce Idling 6 EPA-420-F-06-018 April 2006


Title Pages Publication Number Date
Best Practices for Clean Diesel Construction: Successful Implementation of Equipment Specifications to Minimize Diesel Pollution 9 EPA-420-F-10-018 August 2010
Clean Construction Equipment Model Contract Language Specifications 11 N/A December 2010
Cleaner Diesels: Low Cost Ways to Reduce Emissions from Construction Equipment 34 EPA-R-07-002 March 2007
Clean Construction Construction Fleet Inventory Guide 116 EPA-420-B-10-025 July 2010


Title Pages Publication Number Date
National Port Strategy Assessment: Reducing Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases at U.S. Ports 180 EPA-420-S-16-011 September 2016
EPA and Port Everglades Partnership: Emission Inventories and Reduction Strategies 135 EPA-420-R-18-013 June 2018
Draft Ports Primer for Communities 57 EPA-420-P-16-001 July 2016
Draft Community Action Roadmap 20 EPA-420-P-16-003 July 2016
Draft Environmental Justice Primer for Ports 48 EPA-420-P-16-002 July 2016
Shore Power Technology Assessment 57 EPA-420-R-17-004 March 2017
Goods Movement Federal Resources Compendium 2017-2018 42 EPA 315-F17-001 January 2017


Title Pages Publication Number Date
SmartWay Transport Overview 1 EPA-420-F-16-011 January 2016
SmartWay: Factor Sustainability into Carrier Procurement 2 EPA-420-F-18-005 August 2018
SmartWay for Shippers Brochure 12 EPA-420-F-16-047 December 2016
Supporting Sustainable Freight Transportation: The SmartWay Affiliate Program 2 EPA-420-F-18-001 April 2018
Calculate Your Savings To the Environment To Your Bottom Line 8 EPA420-F-07-039 January 2007
Manufacturers of EPA SmartWay Verified Technologies: Communication Guidelines 3 N/A October 2015
Learn About SmartWay Verified Technologies N/A N/A Web Site

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) and ENERGY STAR

Title Pages Publication Number Date
ENERGY STAR Certified EVSE N/A N/A Web Site
Find and Compare ENERGY STAR Certified EVSE N/A N/A Web Site
Purchasing ENERGY STAR Electric Vehicle Chargers 2 N/A June 2017
ENERGY STAR EVSE Program Requirements (specifications for EVSE manufacturers) 32 Version 1.0 April 2017

West Coast Collaborative

Title Pages Publication Number Date
West Coast Collaborative Overview 1 August 2021
West Coast Collaborative DERA FY19-20 Grants 7 August 2021