Eastern Washington Farmers Diesel Emissions Reduction Project

Location: Washington: Asotin, Columbia, Garfield, Spokane, Walla Walla, and Whitman counties

EPA is providing a $100,000 grant to the Upper Columbia Resource Conservation & Development Council, with $400,000 in matching funds. This project promotes no-till/direct seeding techniques to farmers by offering them cash incentives to offset the initial costs of necessary tractor modifications. The project will educate approximately 9,800 farmers about the no-till/direct seeding technique and convert 25,000 square acres to the new system. The project will conserve an estimated 87,500 gallons of diesel fuel, and reduce annual emissions of nitrogen oxides by 100.38 tons, particulate matter by 7.12 tons, carbon monoxide by 21.63 tons, sulfur oxides by 6.64 tons, and volatile organic matter by 8.14 tons.