Marine Vessels & Ports Sector Meeting Archive

May 21, 2013 - WCC Goods Movement Sector Webinar

The Powerpoint presentations (PDF) are attached for the overview, provided by Henry Hogo, SCAQMD and the locomotive session, provided by Harold Holmes, ARB. The truck and ports discussions will not have PowerPoint presentations, instead, please see the presentations from the April workshop in Diamond Bar.

Final Agenda: West Coast Collaborative Goods Movement Webinar #1: Overview of the Near- and Zero-Tailpipe Emission Freight Transport Technologies

1. Welcome and Introductions: Trina Martynowicz, Trucking Sector Lead, West Coast Collaborative, U.S. EPA Region 9

2. Overview of the Freight Technology Symposium April 10-11th: Henry Hogo, Assistant Deputy Executive Officer, Mobile Source Division, Science and Technology Advancement, South Coast Air Quality Management District- see PowerPoint presentation

3. Trucking Technologies: Joe Calavita, CA Air Resources Board (ARB)- note no PPT

4. Locomotive Technologies: Harold Holmes, Manager, Rail Strategies Section, ARB- see PowerPoint presentation (PDF)

5. Ports Equipment, Harbor Crafts, Tug Boats and Ocean Going Vessels and Technologies: Kevin Maggay, Port of Los Angeles and Renee Moilanen, Port of Long Beach- note no PPT but see the Freight Technology Symposium web site above for their presentations

6. WCC Update: Status of DERA Competitive National and Tribal RFP’s: Penny McDaniel, WCC Co-Lead, EPA Region 9

7. Roundtable Updates from our WCC Partners- ALL


September 24th, 2012 - WCC Marine Vessels and Ports Sector Webinar

EPA Adobe Connect Webinar How To Guide - Port Sector Call (PDF)


  1. Welcome/Introductions, La Weeda Ward, US EPA Region IX, WCC Marine Vessel and Ports Sector Lead
  2. FY12 DERA Grants Update, Dan Brown, US EPA Region X, WCC Team Co- Lead
  3. ECA Update, Matt Haber, US EPA Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance, Air Enforcement Division, Senior Advisor
  4. Columbia River Corridor, Kevin Downing, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality
  5. Automated Crane Stacking - Technology Update: Kyrstle McBride, AECOM
  6. Port Round-Robin; Tim Leong/Susan Fizzell, Port of Oakland; Kristin Decas, Port of Hueneme; Heather Tomley, Port of Long Beach
  7. Wrap-up, La Weeda Ward, US EPA Region IX, WCC Marine Vessel and Ports Sector Lead


October 27, 2011—Teleconference

  1. Welcome and Introductions (Penny McDaniel & Dan Brown, WCC Co-Leads)
  2. CARB Marine Vessel and Port Equipment Rule/Reg Update (CARB),,
  3. Zero Emission Technology Roadmap overview and status update from the San Pedro Bay Ports (Heather Tomely, Asst. Director of Environmental Planning, POLB & Kevin Maggay, Air Quality Supervisor, POLA)
  4. Zero emissions technologies supported through the SCAQMD Technology Advancement Office (Dipankar Sarkar, Technologies Demonstrations Manager, SCAQMD)
  5. Puget Sound Maritime Air Emission Inventory overall approach to updating the inventory, and status update (Cindy Lin, Manager of Environmental Compliance, Port of Tacoma)
  6. Port of Seattle Green Gateway Engineering Study (Stephanie Jones-Stebbins, Senior Manager for Environmental Programs, Port of Seattle)
  7. Update on Diesel Emission Reduction (DERA) grants (Penny McDaniel & Dan Brown, WCC Co-Leads)

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004—San Francisco